3ARMS FOUNDATION: a Non-Profit Organisation set for conducting research studies and raising funds to help ICT Education and Health Care Projects manned by DETN Ltd, mainly in Africa and it is owned by Digital Economy Ltd. Our focus is on “3ARMS of health Care and Education Services”, where 3ARMS stands for:
Health Care and Education 3ARMS have been and continue to be major challenges to the global societies almost in all dimensions. This web site is dedicated for communicating the research activities to explore how the innovative cutting-edge communication solutions and synergies evolving from the fast growing ICT and Telecommunication Technologies, especially wireless communication infrastructures, that can be deployed into health care and education service delivery and performance management systems as well as processes in order to improve the 3ARMS.
Health Care and Education are the key fundamentals of human existence, survival and civilisation. Without either of both, the human spices would face potential threats of extinction erupting from disease, ignorance, poverty, social conflicts and natural disasters.
This research programme opens additional opportunity windows to practical involvement in and contribution to social endeavours as well as initiatives focused on developing healthier and better-educated communities, with better-equipped tools and processes for creativity, productivity and more personal entrepreneurship abilities.